Alexander, DE

Got mine
Fast and great result! Thanks!

john, cyprus

thank you its it

James, United Kingdom

Frequent e-mails kept me up to date and the product itself was well packaged. Would definitely buy from again!

Sebastian, GERMANY

Perfekt working, it is what i am searching for.

Ove, SE

They are excellent!!


Nice little gadget - sender is probably colorblind ;)
Hi, received my keyrings today, after about 8 days - very nice. Good packaging, but unfortunately i got a cyan and a pink one, not cyan and lime. Apart from... Continue

Kamila, GB

It's small and very fast. I will definitely recommend this product to my family and friends.

Katie, US

fantastic, needs stronger magnet
I love all 5 of my inCharges. I use them a lot. One of my magnets fell out which thankfully I retrieved it and super-glued it back. I'm wary to use the key... Continue

Carlos, ES

Better than v1
I have both versions and the v2 is better than v1. The magnet is very strong now and seems to be in a good place.

Maxwell, United States

Thought it would be a little smaller, but the size actually works out better. Really like it!

Niklas, DE

Nice nur
I got 1 wrong: i orderd 2 Black thin microUSB, one red thin one microUSB, and 2 red thin lightning. But i got 2 Black thin microUSB, 2 red thin one... Continue

Nicolas, Argentina

Excellent product! I totally recomend it :D

Musab, TR

I got my charger and it is better than i expected thanks a lot.

Nicki, DK

The charger came in an small envelope, and works perfectly - now I always have a charger on me. Thanks for such a great product - I might even order an... Continue

Jeffrey, US

Exactly what I needed!
EDC to the max! This handy MicroUSB charging cable is definitely replacing a few lengthy cables I keep around my desks! This little guy reduces the amount of... Continue

Fabrizio, Italy

Just received, it works perfectly and has already become my new keychain!

Guillermo, Mexico

I was hopeless to get my InCharge, I'm waiting since December (because I selected "traditional post"). I really recommend support this campaign, this is my... Continue

Michael, Switzerland

Received my inCharges just yesterday. They work as promised. The lightning inCharge is even MFI certified (Made for iPhone). The colours are vivid and the... Continue

Dinos, Greece

It don't fit my iPhone
I bought inCharge but it don't fit my iPhone. Apparentely this don't work with iPhone 4. SHould be more clear on the website.

Chris, United States

Small and Functional
Great cable to charge my devices!

cristiano, Italy

Keyring charger
Delivered just today, it' very nice, it's so small and very convenient to carry it everywhere. Good work, thank you.

Juan, Spain

I finally arrived, the wait was worth it, great job guys !!

Matteo, Italy

Great Product!
Today I've just received my lightning InCharge and suddenly I fell in love with it that i've just ordered a twin pack! I'm very glad of this tiny, usefull... Continue

Toby, Netherlands

The waiting was worthwhile
It took a bit longer than expected, but that's no problem. It's a nifty small cable, I like it! Job well done, Incharge team. Also nice to know; the response... Continue

Sonja, Germany

Perfect Little Thing
Today i received my first Order. What a great charger. Thanks to you an keep on going. Greetings from Germany

Jose, Spain

Buen accesorio a un estupendo precio. Ahora puedo llevar siempre conmigo una herramienta para cargar mi smartphone sin necesidad de cables, adaptadores de... Continue

Jeffrey, US

I had a problem with my original pledge for these. I didn't fill out the survey. These guys worked with me for quite a while straightening it all out, and... Continue

Richard, United Kingdom

Magnets are too powerful
They have separated from the plastic housing and the unit is now useless :(

Mattia, Italy

It s perfect! Small, colored and cheap. It works very well. -) Bravi ragazzi

Mateu, Spain

So small

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