Stefanos, GR

It works like a charm guys thanks

Joy, USA

Love these little things!
Received my chargers recently and love them! It's so convenient to have a charger right on my key ring. Works perfectly too! Ordering more for the kids to... Continue

Luca, IT

finally fits with the cover!

Marcelo, BRAZIL

The incharge arrived! Very good! Thanks!

Ozay, Turkey

A very clever idea, executed well
I bought a lightning version to try it out. A very clever idea, and, also, it is executed well. It exactly works as demonstrated.


Received a message from you guys on the 20th of June that it would be shipped and was on its way. Received it on the 25th, so that's amazing. Quality is... Continue

Martin, GB

Worth the wait.
My first ever Kickstarter-backed project. Very cool item (most importantly - it works!) and colleagues are asking where they can buy one. I'm very pleased... Continue

Ted, U.S.A.

What an amazing idea that fits in the palm of your hand...with room to spare! VERY happy with this key ring charging cable: my only concern were the magnets... Continue

Vitor, PT

Got mine!
Got mine yesterday! Looks great.

Rodrigo, Mexico

Él Mejor
Él Mejor Servicio Además Él Cable Me Ayudara Mucho Gracias :)


I am pleased with the versitality and convienience of the incharge, however the lightning end is somewhat large and is not an ideal fit to work with my case.... Continue

Carla, Argentina

Since I've got it I've used several times in a lot of places.. The perfect solution for my battery problem, I can also use it with the external battery,... Continue

Francisco, CH

Tiny compact and perfect
It simply rocks! Thanks!

Nicolas, Argentina

Excellent product! I totally recomend it :D

Katie, US

fantastic, needs stronger magnet
I love all 5 of my inCharges. I use them a lot. One of my magnets fell out which thankfully I retrieved it and super-glued it back. I'm wary to use the key... Continue

Daniel, United States

I love this little Magic cable. I have bought two and have ordered a third. They are so convenient and work great.

Nguyen, Vietnam

Fantastic charge
They are well-made, easy to bring, easy to attach to portable battery on-the-go. Recomend for everyone!

Fabian, Ireland

Awesome work and definitely recommended!
I LOVE it! Small and awesome design. Nice work with beautiful looking materials and really catchy colors (got green and orange over here!). 'Use this product... Continue

Raghunandan, India

Its a nice cool thing

Jamie, Netherlands

Got them! looks great!

Lorenzo, Italy

Light and portable, easy to use. Seems to be strong. I always have it with me. I'm really happy about this keyring cable. Thank you!

André, Switzerland

Small und easy
I'm using the inCharge as a keyring and I'm really happy with it. I dont have to carry the long cable around anymore .

Luca, Italy

Almost perfect
The lightning connector head is much bigger than the Apple one, so if you use an iPhone cover with a small hole the plug won't go all the way to the... Continue

Simon, United States

Cool product!
This thing works really well! Such a cool idea. I guess most of early adopters have yet to see how durable it is or how it holds up to everyday use. I also... Continue

Davide, Italy

good product.!
Vety good job guys.!

ugo, Italy

Tutto smart ma ..
Bravi ragazzi, siete l'esemplificazione della milanesità: sobri, efficienti e affidabili. Io ne ho ordinati due e purtroppo ad uno dei due, quello per... Continue

Jan, Germany

Love it!
Great ! I'm completely satisfied!

Dinos, Greece

It don't fit my iPhone
I bought inCharge but it don't fit my iPhone. Apparentely this don't work with iPhone 4. SHould be more clear on the website.

Jason, United States

I like the idea but...
I lost one within the first week and almost lost the second on I orders due to the magnets pulling out of their slots. I was disappointed because the idea is... Continue

Simone, Italy

I'm very satisfied with the product and I'm glad that it was done by Italians!

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